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Great American Eclipse 21st August 2017

Diamond ring and totality

So, after a nightmare journey to Portland Oregon USA (in brief Air Canada overbooked the flight and told me at check in there was no seat for me but my husband had one). We arrived together but in a state of emotional exhaustion by the cruelty of Air Canada. Once there we found I had no return seats so had to buy my seats home (but my husband had seats again). Once this was sorted we could relax and met our friends Stuart and Julie Green at the Motel in downtown Portland on the Saturday. We had a lovely drive to Silverton and there we met up with Mark and Fiona Townley and Janet and John Slinn. On the Sunday we had a super day visiting Silver Falls State Park where I bought a lovely little souvenir.

Eclipse Coin

That evening we had a lovely party at a restaurant in Silverton and everyone was in a party mood, it was like Christmas eve and the air was buzzing with excitement. Even better the clouds that were plaguing us all day started to clear and everyone was rejoicing as the forecast was looking good.

Pre-eclipse party, the night before

After waking every single hour during the night to see whether it was time to get up, we arose at 5am and packed the car and headed for Doerfler Farm ready for sunrise.

Happy eclipse day!! Down the farm

Watching sunrise with high hopes

Happy eclipse day!!

These folks were amazing, they welcomed some complete strangers from overseas who had rung them up in January after finding their phone number on Google Earth. They welcomed us with open arms and even let us use their bathroom and join their eclipse/birthday party. True angels! Likewise we welcomed them and we enjoyed lots of solar outreach.

The outreach queue
More outreach with only minutes to go!

Time for more outreach

Then time to start getting the partial phases and concentrate.
Getting excited

Some fun with shadows 'alien hands'. As the eclipse progressed strange shadow formations between your fingers caused bumps in between each finger and these got more pronounced as the eclipse progressed.
Alien hands! little lumps between the fingers, crazy shadows

Finally, the moment in my life I had been waiting for....

Totality - simply amazing! taken by the hubby

unprocessed straight from the camera
Great American eclipse 21-08-2017

and processed combining 6 different exposures
Total Eclipse 21st August 2017
Tecnosky 65Q F6.5 Quadruplet APO with 2" Focuser and Canon 700D.

and then it was over
Diamond-ring formation -animation

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, so large, so crystal clear, so sparkling (nothing like the images). The diamond ring was like a piecing shaft of clear light, I will never forget it.

Here is a montage of the full eclipse and partial phases
Full eclipse composition of partial phases

Everyone was moved, but most importantly ecstatic!
Post eclipse happiness

Post eclipse happiness

Post eclipse happiness

What a day! it was then over and Tuesday we all went our separate ways, the day had the feeling of Boxing day, the day after the big day, all happy but we were all sad it was over.

Here are some highlights of our Oregon tour

Smith Rock State Park near Bend
Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Our B&B in the middle of nowhere
Crater Lake B&B

Crater Lake B&B, Oregon

Crater Lake State park
Crater Lake, Oregon

a forest wildfire quite close at Crater Lake
Crater Lake, Oregon

Sunset with forest fire
Crater Lake B&B, Oregon

The giant Coastal Redwoods, I have wanted to hug one all my life (another dream come true).
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California

The forest of Endor (Return of the Jedi) can you spot me in the land of the ancients (Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California)
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California

It is a hard life for the residents of Newport Oregon
Newport, Oregon

Sunset on our last day over the Pacific ocean at Newport
Agate Beach, Newport, Oregon

and a green hat too
Sunset over the Pacific

Sadly it all came to an end and it was time to fly home (on my guaranteed seats!), Toronto looked good in the rain.
Rainstorm over Totonto

All the rest of the photos are here in this album
there are too many to post.

What a fabulous holiday and the people of Oregon I will never forget, especially your kindness and cheery nature, hearts of gold!
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